Pret May Ban Plastic Bottles

Distilled water delivery is essential for events taking place in remote locations, but increasing numbers of shops and cafes are looking for ways to provide it themselves. This is largely as part of an overall bid to reduce the number of plastic water bottles being used. They have been named an environmental disaster and the [...]

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Bottle Drop Recycling Scheme Proposed

A distilled water delivery could mean that you could avoid using plastic bottles for water at your event. Plastic bottles are a hugely damaging pollutant, with billions produced every year. In fact, the rate of plastic bottle production is so high that the total number produced annually is set to top half a trillion by [...]

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Elvis Fest Coming To Dagenham!

Who doesn’t love a bit of good old rock ‘n’ roll from time to time? The good people of Dagenham certainly seem to appreciate it, given that a new festival to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death is about to kick off in the London borough. Taking place on July 23rd at Parsloes [...]

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