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Unlimited Cheese Festival Runs Out Of Cheese

Making sure your event plumbing is working as expected is one of the most basic aspects of event planning, and we can make sure you have that covered. Still, it isn’t the only thing that can go wrong. Christmas events are a growing market with Christmas outdoor markets, meet Santa events and ‘Winter Wonderland’-style celebrations [...]

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Is Your Festive Event Suitable For Disabled Children?

Christmas is a magical time for all but no more so than for children, yet it seems that there are some little ones being left out in the cold by organisers of festive events. New research from charity Scope has just revealed that 43 per cent of disabled children have been turned away from a [...]

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Could The UK Get Water Fountains?

Both mayor of London Sadiq Khan and secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs Michael Gove have suggested that water fountains and drinking bottle refill points could be installed around the UK. The Guardian reported on Mr Khan’s plans to roll out a series of water fountains and bottle refill stations around the [...]

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Children ‘Should Be Drinking Tap Water’

Some parents may believe that it’s healthier for their children to drink bottled water, but new research from the USA has revealed that doing so can lead to much higher instances of tooth decay. The Daily Mail revealed that 15 per cent of children who drank only bottled water were at a greater risk of [...]

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Bath Christmas Market Named Event Of The Year

All over the UK, Christmas markets are beginning to pop up, from the large affairs like those found in Manchester, London and Birmingham, to smaller local festive markets in towns up and down the country. But if you want to experience the best of the festive cheer this year, you should probably head to Bath. [...]

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Christmas Markets Increase In Popularity

Despite fears over terrorist attacks, Christmas markets are still going to need event water delivery, as they are booming in popularity. Brits in particular are keen to continue to travel to Christmas markets and the sector has been growing. There are a number of new Christmas markets launching this year in London alone, and the [...]

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Burning Man Lost And Found Still Reuniting Revellers With Belongings

Mobile phones, bags and various forms of identification are the top three items revellers are likely to lose at a festival, and the organisers of Burning Man have recovered 2,475 items, half of which have been collected. The Journal Gazette reported that the eight-day Burning Man festival, which took place in late summer in Nevada, [...]

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Making Water Carbon Neutral

We always argue that our event water delivery helps to make events more environmentally friendly as it avoids the need for bottled water. It also means we can get clean water out to off-grid places where getting running water would be difficult. However, we have never been able to make the water itself an environmentally [...]

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Advice For Event Planning And Bad Weather

With the evenings drawing in, there’s no doubt that it feels as though winter has arrived in the UK. That means if you’ve got any events arranged in the coming months, you need to be prepared for bad weather. The good news is that it doesn’t have to spoil your party, as long as you’re [...]

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