Drug Testing Set To Be Offered At Certain UK Festivals

A number of UK festivals are planning to offer drug testing to festival goers this summer. The idea is that people can take their drugs to be tested to find out exactly what’s in them before they take anything. Organisers are hoping that this will help reduce the number of drug-related deaths at music events [...]

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Top Gay Pride Events In The Midlands Highlighted

With the summer well on the way, a wide range of festivals are planned up and down the UK to bring people together and enjoy the hopefully sunny weather. If you’re intending to go to a gay pride event, there are a number taking place in the Midlands this year that promise a lot of [...]

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Kraken Rum To Bring Tiki Bar To UK Festivals

UK festival season is fast approaching and if you’re already getting excited about any events you’re going to be attending you might want to find out if Kraken rum is planning to make an appearance. The brand recently announced that it will be setting up its Kraken Freaky Tiki Bar at a number of UK [...]

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Southern England Advised To Save Water

The driest winter in 20 years has led water companies to advise those living in southern England to save water where they can to avoid restrictions on their water usage later in the summer. Less than half the average rainfall was recorded in April, which followed the driest October to March period since 1995-96, with [...]

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Fossil Groundwater ‘At Risk’ Thanks To Human Activity

Deep wells around the world that contain fossil groundwater that is thought to be over 12,000 years old have been found to contain signs of rainwater from present day – even at depths of over 250m. This is according to new research from the University of Calgary, which has found that human activity is putting [...]

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