UK festival season is fast approaching and if you’re already getting excited about any events you’re going to be attending you might want to find out if Kraken rum is planning to make an appearance.

The brand recently announced that it will be setting up its Kraken Freaky Tiki Bar at a number of UK festivals, Event Magazine reported.

Camden Rocks, Kendal Calling, Lost Village and Bloodstock are the events the brand will be attending this summer.

Anyone who ventures into the tiki bar will find what’s been described as a “dark Polynesian realm” where a host of rum cocktails will be on offer, including the limited edition Summer Eclipse beverage.

Other concoctions you can try include Octo-Punch, a twist on a standard rum punch, and the Ink Spritz, which is a reinvention of the refreshing spritz drink.

During the day, festival-goers can get their hands on prizes, while after dark DJs will play sets, there will be charcoal face painting on offer and the chance to witness drumming rituals – all with a rum cocktail in hand, of course.

No doubt the Kraken tiki bars will be busy, so any festival organisers who haven’t already need to make sure their event water delivery is sorted out in plenty of time for revellers arriving.

If you’ve never heard of Kraken, it’s a black spiced rum that’s become increasingly popular. It’s imported from the Caribbean and is known for its inventive marketing and branding. The Kraken – a giant octopus-like sea monster – is the main image associated with the rum, making it a distinctive addition to any back bar.