Polluted Water Sees Stray Dogs Turn Bright Blue!

In the UK, we’re used to turning on the taps and having water perfectly fit for human consumption come flooding out of the faucet… but it’s fair to say that not everyone is as lucky as us around the world. We’ve just come across this article in the Daily Mail about the sudden appearance of [...]

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Don’t Bring Pineapples To Reading Or Leeds Festivals

For festival organisers there are so many things to think about, from event water delivery to making sure that all attendees know what they should and shouldn’t bring with them. Reading and Leeds Festivals have added a rather unusual item to their banned list this year - pineapples. The reason behind the ban is that [...]

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Boomtown Under Fire For Organisation Failures

Boomtown Festival, which took place in Winchester between August 10th-13th, has been criticised for an organisation failure that saw huge crowds stuck in fields without toilet or water facilities for up to eight hours. According to the Daily Telegraph, queues appeared because the gates to the festival opened three hours later than originally planned. A [...]

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Scottish Water Best In World

While we provide water for events everywhere we are especially pleased to hear that Scottish water is now officially, the best in the world. There are a number of festivals taking place in Scotland this summer, not least the Edinburgh Festival, so head to these to get a taste of the best water the world [...]

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