Water ‘Failing Quality Tests’ Because Of Poor Plumbing

Almost a quarter of subpar water samples taken from homes across the UK failed water purity tests because of poor plumbing, a national body for water safety has claimed. Each year, thousands of water samples are tested for bacteria and substances such as pesticides and metals. Results are then published in an annual report by [...]

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Wessex Water & United Utilities ‘Top’ For Improving Water Quality

A new report from the Environment Agency (EA), looking into what steps water companies in the UK are taking to improve water quality, has revealed that United Utilities and Wessex Water have come top in this regard. Companies have continued to improve reporting of pollution, but some still need to make significant improvements where this [...]

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Alcohol-Free Drinks Festival Comes To UK

Water delivery companies will know how high the demand for clean drinking water is at a festival where a lot of alcohol is consumed to stave off dehydration, but on the horizon, there is a brand-new festival where revellers will be guaranteed to come away hangover free. Those who prefer to live an alcohol-free lifestyle [...]

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Glastonbury Warns Revellers Of ‘Pee Problem’

The best water delivery companies know the challenges that lie in wait when keeping an entire music festival hydrated for those fun few days. However, the clean up effort after the fact is also an important part of the job, putting the site back to how it was found, ready for the event to take [...]

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