Water delivery companies will know how high the demand for clean drinking water is at a festival where a lot of alcohol is consumed to stave off dehydration, but on the horizon, there is a brand-new festival where revellers will be guaranteed to come away hangover free.

Those who prefer to live an alcohol-free lifestyle may find their perfect event in the Mindful Drinking Festival, which is coming to Bermondsey Square in London on August the 13th running from 12pm right through until 6pm according to The Metro.

The event is for those who want to experience that festival atmosphere without falling back on the pressures of drinking alcohol. That means, attendees will still be able to drive themselves home at the end of it and wake up the morning after feeling fresh as a daisy too!

However, those festival-goers won’t just be limited to drinking water as there will be plenty of alcohol-free alternatives that taste just as good as the real thing.

Expect delicious alcohol free wines and craft beers to choose from with many of these options being vegan friendly too! With the UK becoming a more and more health-conscious society, alcohol-free options are becoming equally popular, giving you the freedom to enjoy the taste of beer, wine and more without succumbing to the mind-altering effects, as you’ll find the alcohol by volume strength in these drinks between zero and 0.5 per cent.

Another great thing about this event is that it’s completely free for everyone, with hopes it’ll educate more people about what alcohol-free drinks have to offer.