The best water delivery companies know the challenges that lie in wait when keeping an entire music festival hydrated for those fun few days. However, the clean up effort after the fact is also an important part of the job, putting the site back to how it was found, ready for the event to take place the next year.

Of course, events of this magnitude have an effect on the surrounding environment, which is part of the reason why big festivals like Glastonbury have a break every few years in order for the ground to recover. They call it a ‘fallow year’, and there’’s one scheduled for 2018.

However, the over-stomped ground is not the only big issue caused by Glastonbury’s revellers, and posters have appeared warning them to only use the portaloos to urinate or else they could be putting the festival’s future at risk.

The illustrated poster, shown on the Daily Mail, explained that when 200,000 festival-goers all urinated on the ground, it causes toxic pollution of the water table which would run into a nearby river. This would be harmful to plant and animal life within the Whitelake River. The Environmental Agency test this water regularly and could shut the festival down if it deems it has polluted the local environment to such a degree.

Glastonbury has over 1300 compost toilets on site – a sustainable practice which recycles the waste back onto the farm as fertiliser. But as long as revellers took heed of the warnings this year, Glastonbury will be returning for 2019 as usual.