Reusing Plastic Water Bottles ‘Could Be Damaging’

Providing water for events is an absolute must, but organisers might want to remind their guests that reusing plastic bottles could actually be bad for their health. Speaking to Good Housekeeping, Dr Marilyn Glenville explained that certain chemicals can be found in these bottles that are actually bad for us, affecting ovulation and increasing risks [...]

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The Importance Of Hand Washing

If you have been wondering whether or not you need water for events you run, then ask yourself: would you be happy to have no hand washing facilities while you work? Whether you are heading to a festival this summer with your food stall or you occasionally set up field kitchens for weddings, you will [...]

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How Muddy Is It Going To Be At Glastonbury This Year?

If you are heading off to Glastonbury, the first question you are likely to ask yourself after you check you have all your festival catering equipment, is how muddy is it going to be? Rain at Glastonbury Festival is as British as a cup of tea, as is moaning about it. Many years have suffered [...]

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Warm Weather Beckons For Festival-Goers!

Anyone organising a festival this weekend (June 10th) would be wise to make sure that they’ve sorted out event water delivery well ahead of time, since warm weather is on the horizon – and the last thing you want is for water supplies to run out. Sophie Randall, a forecaster with The Weather Channel, said [...]

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Top Festival Gadgets For This Summer

While festival organisers will be worrying about the line-up, event water delivery and making sure there’s enough space for all the tents, you’re probably more focused on what you’re going to be packing in your backpack. There are some festival essentials and with modern technology, you don’t need to go without your gadgets for the [...]

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