While festival organisers will be worrying about the line-up, event water delivery and making sure there’s enough space for all the tents, you’re probably more focused on what you’re going to be packing in your backpack.

There are some festival essentials and with modern technology, you don’t need to go without your gadgets for the duration of the event.

The Mirror has highlighted some of the top tech available to make your festival experience the best it can be this summer – so check out their list and make sure you pick up any bits you need sooner rather than later so that you’re prepared.

In the age of the smartphone, a way to charge your device would be handy, but you’re not going to find many power points in the middle of a field. The Juice Tube Power Bank provides a solution though – this compact power bank should have enough to provide one full charge for your smartphone and is a good addition to your bag.

If you’d rather ditch your smartphone for the weekend, you could pick up one of Nokia’s newly re-released 3310 mobiles so that you can stay in touch with your mates and snap the odd photo on its 2-megapixel camera.

There are also some great apps for your smartphone that could be a godsend at a packed festival. The BC Tent Finder is one example – you can use GPS to put your tent on a map of the festival site, as well as other useful spots like the nearest toilets and water station, and make navigating a breeze.

Findmyfriends, another free app, can also be handy if you get separated from your crew and need to find them in a sea of happy music fans.

If you don’t already have festival tickets, don’t worry. The Evening Standard recently highlighted some of the top budget festivals this year, including Camden Rocks and Mighty Hoopla.