If you are heading off to Glastonbury, the first question you are likely to ask yourself after you check you have all your festival catering equipment, is how muddy is it going to be?

Rain at Glastonbury Festival is as British as a cup of tea, as is moaning about it. Many years have suffered from being a wash out, which sees the Worthy Farm site turn into a swamp.

Long range forecasts are notoriously poor, but as we have less than two weeks left to go until festival-goers descent on the site, it is fair enough to start discussing what we need to pack for it.

One of the most important aspects of the weather to look out for is how wet it is going to be in the days before the event. Last year’s was one of the muddiest ever, which was caused by torrential downpours that took place in the week before the event.

This meant that the setting up of the site churned it up before the music had even started.

So far the south of England is experiencing a bit of a scorcher, and there is no rain predicted between now and then. This means you will be setting up tents and any stalls you are taking on dry ground.

As for the rest of the festival, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. It is looking like the beginning of the weekend will be dry with occasional drizzle, but the Sunday will be marked with heavy downpours.

To find out more check out the MetOffice long range forecast.