If you have been wondering whether or not you need water for events you run, then ask yourself: would you be happy to have no hand washing facilities while you work?

Whether you are heading to a festival this summer with your food stall or you occasionally set up field kitchens for weddings, you will know just how important hand washing is for ensuring good hygiene in food preparation.

People travelling to provide health services at festivals this summer may also need to wash their hands to provide services, so consider that if you need to supply water to your event.


  1. When should you wash your hands

If you have a food preparation licence you will already know that you need to wash your hands with hot soapy water on the following occasions:

  • after touching raw meat and vegetables
  • after going to the toilet
  • after touching the bin
  • after touching pets or any other animals


  1. Why?

Cross contamination can take place if you don’t wash your hands. It is all very well cooking your chicken through properly, but you can still make people sick if you handle vegetables that won’t be cooked after handling raw chicken.


  1. And if you don’t?

Failing to wash your hands not only could lead to cross contamination, but if you get caught you could get fined or even lose your food preparation licence. So make sure you are prepared to fulfil your food hygiene obligations at all times. Even in the middle of a field.