Are You Providing Enough Water At Events?

When you’re organising an event for a large number of people, there is a lot to think about, whether it’s a conference and business affair or a music festival. As well as the speakers, performers and other entertainment, there’s plenty else to consider. That includes your event water delivery - and given that we should [...]

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Young People Need To Improve Plastic Recycling, Says Study

If you have an upcoming event, with a large turnout expected then you might be interested in the best event water delivery and plumbing to insure all runs smoothly. With hundreds of festivals taking place all over the UK this summer it’s shown how recycling of plastics from bottled water and waste needs to be [...]

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Birmingham Residents Have Discoloured Tap Water

We’re incredibly lucky in the UK that the water that flows out of our taps - whether water for events or in our homes - is, predominantly, very clean and always fit for human consumption. But that just means when there are issues they’re quickly picked up on. This has been the case recently in [...]

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River Water Ice Lollies Show Pollution

Water delivery companies have never looked so important, once you have seen the impact that pollution has on our water supplies An artist has frozen water found in Taiwan’s water ways, into ice lolly moulds to show how serious the issue of water pollution is in the country. Plastic pollution is a particular problem with [...]

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