Water delivery companies have never looked so important, once you have seen the impact that pollution has on our water supplies

An artist has frozen water found in Taiwan’s water ways, into ice lolly moulds to show how serious the issue of water pollution is in the country.

Plastic pollution is a particular problem with many of the ice lollies having waste plastic clearly in them.

The ice lollies are wrapped in traditional ice lolly wrappers that reveal where the water was taken from to make the item, with a number clearly displayed on each of them showing where it ranks in comparison to the other sites in terms of cleanliness.

Samples were taken from a range of sites across Taiwan and the full range of lollies demonstrates that some places have much worse water population that others. The lollies made from water at sites on the east of the island are visibly much cleaner for example.

The dirtiest water sources that was used to make the lollies was the water from Keelung, a major port city also known for its rain, where pollution monitoring started in 2014.

The full range of the lollies, in and out of their wrappers is being displayed at a range of sites in Taiwan including the Taipei World Trade Centre’s Young Designer’s Exhibition 2017.

The innovative installation has been nominated for the Young Pin Design Award, and you can see examples on The Guardian website.