When you’re organising an event for a large number of people, there is a lot to think about, whether it’s a conference and business affair or a music festival. As well as the speakers, performers and other entertainment, there’s plenty else to consider.

That includes your event water delivery – and given that we should probably all try to drink more water, it’s important that you have plenty available for the attendees at your event.

The Telegraph has recently highlighted the health benefits of drinking enough water each day – as well was warning of the issues dehydration can cause. Headaches, dry lips and mouths, and tiredness are among the signs that you haven’t drunk enough fluid – all of which will affect your enjoyment of an event you’re attending.

If you’re attending a conference or training event for work, it’s particularly important that you’re on top form for the whole day to ensure you learn as much as possible by going along.

The newspaper noted that NHS guidance recommends that we drink one to two litres of water per day in the UK, which might be difficult to achieve if you’re out and about all day.

Event organisers could make it easier though, by ensuring that there’s fresh water readily available for anyone who wants it. Rather than opting for plastic bottles of water, having reusable cups or providing stations where people can refill their own drinks bottles could be a solution.

This could also help reduce waste from your event, and given that a recent study by Recycle for Wales found that young people need to do more to ensure they recycle packaging, such as plastic bottles, it makes sense to help prevent items like these ending up in landfill.