We’re incredibly lucky in the UK that the water that flows out of our taps – whether water for events or in our homes – is, predominantly, very clean and always fit for human consumption. But that just means when there are issues they’re quickly picked up on.

This has been the case recently in certain areas of Birmingham, where work to improve the water supply has led to a dip in water quality. According to the Birmingham Mail, some residents reported yellow water flowing from their taps, with one person telling the newspaper it took 40 minutes to clear.

Water company Severn Trent has apologised for the drop in quality and reassured people that it will only be temporary while they complete their improvement works.

A spokesperson for the company told the newspaper that changes to the water flow brought up some sediment, and it was this that caused the discolouration. However, they stressed that there is “no reason to believe” it will pose any health risks.

Homeowners in the B13 and B14 areas of the city have been told to expect discoloured tap water for up to five weeks.

Severn Trent has advised customers in these parts of Birmingham to run their cold tap gently for 20 minutes to clear any discolouration.

Although it might be inconvenient for those affected, it’s important that our water companies carry out these kinds of works. Earlier in the year, WaterSafe revealed that many cases of subpar water quality in the UK can be attributed to poor household plumbing.