Top Festival Gadgets For This Summer

While festival organisers will be worrying about the line-up, event water delivery and making sure there’s enough space for all the tents, you’re probably more focused on what you’re going to be packing in your backpack. There are some festival essentials and with modern technology, you don’t need to go without your gadgets for the [...]

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Drug Testing Set To Be Offered At Certain UK Festivals

A number of UK festivals are planning to offer drug testing to festival goers this summer. The idea is that people can take their drugs to be tested to find out exactly what’s in them before they take anything. Organisers are hoping that this will help reduce the number of drug-related deaths at music events [...]

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Kraken Rum To Bring Tiki Bar To UK Festivals

UK festival season is fast approaching and if you’re already getting excited about any events you’re going to be attending you might want to find out if Kraken rum is planning to make an appearance. The brand recently announced that it will be setting up its Kraken Freaky Tiki Bar at a number of UK [...]

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Fake Festival Extends Tour To Dundee

The Fake Festival, where tribute bands take centre stage, has added a new location to its tour for this year and will now be heading to Dundee. Bands will be performing at the city’s Lochee Park on Saturday 15 July, the Evening Telegraph revealed. Speaking to the newspaper, Dundee festival organiser Ian Brittain explained that [...]

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T In The Park To Be Adult Only?

It’s possible that when T in the Park returns after taking a break this year it will be an adult-only affair, after two teens died at the 2016 event (in separate incidents) and other revellers reported drug use and fighting in the campsite area. Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland, chief executive of DF Concerts and [...]

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