It’s possible that when T in the Park returns after taking a break this year it will be an adult-only affair, after two teens died at the 2016 event (in separate incidents) and other revellers reported drug use and fighting in the campsite area.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland, chief executive of DF Concerts and Events Geoff Ellis explained that it’s still only early days regarding a plan of this kind and this is just one of many discussions that are being had at the moment.

“What we have seen in recent years is more 16 and 17-year-olds going a bit crazy. So let’s make the campsite over 18 going forward. It does mean families can’t come to the event like they have done traditionally since 1994. But that is something we have to do,” he explained.

Mr Ellis also confirmed that a review is being carried out of electronic dance music at the event, as this is something that appeals to a younger audience so it’s possible that it could be less of a feature in future festivals.

Other events looking to crack down on antisocial behaviour include Cheltenham, which is taking place next week. As of this year, racegoers will only be able to purchase four alcoholic drinks at any one time after the 2016 festival saw footballers seemingly urinating into a glass and women revealing their breasts. Chief executive Ian Renton said the move was made to make sure that drinking wasn’t people’s sole motivation for coming to the races.

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