Planning a festival of any size is a logistical minefield if you want to ensure your event is a success – we all read about the disastrous Fyre festival in the Bahamas in summer of this year – and when it comes to booking toilet facilities, more is definitely more.

Event plumbing is one of the main points on Flux Magazine’s checklist of things to get right when planning a festival – and always plan to have more toilets than you think you’ll need.

In addition, your events plumbing contractor should be able to assist you with other essentials for effective sanitation at an event including bins and lighting.

Catering is another important aspect to organise, because a lack of food choices could lead to rowdy crowds or people leaving the site to find sustenance elsewhere.

Delegating these responsibilities to a good team is vital, and having a strong leadership unit or single team captain is a good idea to ensure the smooth running of operations and accountability.

The same can be said for organising the promotion of your event by establishing a dedicated marketing officer to handle social media promotions and visitor enquiries via Twitter.

Finally, the music! A good range of acts is important to appeal to a wide range of visitors. Not all bands will charge you to play, but even those who are good value or who offer to pay for free should be offered some hospitality in the form of a rider of food and drink.

If you keep your artists happy, they will play again for you in future and help spread the word to their social media communities.