Making sure your event plumbing is working as expected is one of the most basic aspects of event planning, and we can make sure you have that covered.

Still, it isn’t the only thing that can go wrong. Christmas events are a growing market with Christmas outdoor markets, meet Santa events and ‘Winter Wonderland’-style celebrations now as important a part of festive celebrations as the mince pies!

Done well they can provide a memorable day out for people that will be remembered for a lot longer than the presents. However, when they go wrong they can go badly wrong.

A festive cheese festival held in Greenwich, London hit the headlines earlier in December when people who had paid as much as £35 for a ticket vented their anger on social media claiming the cheese and mulled wine that had been promised ran out.

The company involved denied that this was the case, and stated cheese had been made available throughout the event. Mulled wine had also been made available, though they admitted in a statement that the mulled wine was just “mostly hot.”

At the time of writing the next event was still going ahead, though it was far from the first event this winter to be blighted by poor press.

Northern Ireland’s Bangor Winter Wonderland was cancelled on Monday after complaints from punters who cited an unrealistic Santa, rubbish presents and an ice rink that smelt of chlorine among the problems with the event.