Despite fears over terrorist attacks, Christmas markets are still going to need event water delivery, as they are booming in popularity.

Brits in particular are keen to continue to travel to Christmas markets and the sector has been growing. There are a number of new Christmas markets launching this year in London alone, and the train lines have been careful to promote train travel to Christmas markets for months.

Christmas Markets generated more than £250m in visitor spend for the towns that hosted them in 2014, with increasing numbers of people having an overnight stay in the town where the markets are. Manchester is thought to have collected up to £7m in parking fees in 2014.

Victoria Bacon, ABTA Head of Communications said: “Christmas shopping can often be a chore but Christmas markets take you back to a time when everything about this time of year was magical. The growth in popularity of the markets also supports the wider trend we are seeing of holidaymakers seeking out more authentic and local experiences.

There is significant loyalty with regards to Christmas markets with between half and 90 per cent of customers saying they plan on coming again.

While people do pick up Christmas presents at a lot of these markets, food and drink is always one of the bigger draws. Many have moved on from serving mulled wine and mince pies alone, and now serve a range of luxury food and delicacies.

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