We always argue that our event water delivery helps to make events more environmentally friendly as it avoids the need for bottled water.

It also means we can get clean water out to off-grid places where getting running water would be difficult. However, we have never been able to make the water itself an environmentally friendly resource. Everyone knows we shouldn’t waste it, right?

Now Nestle and Danone, are seeking ways to boost their sustainability credentials by developing a carbon neutral label for its water, The Independent Newspaper reported.

Nestlé produces Perrier and Pure Life while Danone revealed that it was going to make its own brand Evian the first ever carbon neutral bottled water.

Cleaning water is actually a highly energy intensive process, and requires large amounts of electricity to achieve. This in turn adds to its carbon footprint as electricity generally needs water to be produced, in order to cool the turbines. Though we take both for granted they both have symbiotic energy needs that are often overlooked.

The ways that these bottled water companies are looking at creating carbon neutral water vary. One of Nestlé’s plants in Mexico is already water self-sufficient. It gets all the water it needs from the liquid that is left over from its milk drying process for its Nido brand powder.

They also say they are committed to helping farmers near their plants to improve their irrigation practices so they can conserve more water.

As always though, we think not drinking bottled water in the first place is a great way to avoid impacting the environment any more than necessary.