With the evenings drawing in, there’s no doubt that it feels as though winter has arrived in the UK. That means if you’ve got any events arranged in the coming months, you need to be prepared for bad weather.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to spoil your party, as long as you’re prepared you’ll hopefully be able to run your events as planned and everyone will have a wonderful time. But what should you be thinking about?

According to Meetings & Conventions, you need to have contingencies in place and be prepared to move things around a little if bad weather is forecast near the time of your event. One of the publication’s top tips is to arrange for suppliers to visit the venue a day or two early to offload their equipment and products.

Getting your event water delivery sorted when you know you have the right weather for it can make your life a lot easier.

If it’s looking like your event is going to be hit by bad weather, it’s vital that you communicate with all the guests. They are likely to have questions about what will happen in the event of heavy snow, strong winds or torrential rain, so stay ahead of the curve and update them frequently in the days leading up to your event.

It’s also sensible to plan for people being unable to attend on short notice, so make sure you have a backup for any speakers, performers and even your staff in the event that bad weather prevents someone from coming at the last minute.

When you’re looking at all of this, make sure you have enough water available at your event to ensure that all your guests can get a drink whenever they want one.