1. Planning

It is important to plan which festivals you are interested in as some of the larger festivals will require you to apply several months prior to the event as third party agencies sometimes manage the catering.


  1. Baby steps

If you are new to this type of food catering attend a smaller festival first so you can get a feel of it, before applying to a larger one. There are hundreds of festivals of all different sizes, so choose one that is right for you. The pitch will likely be much cheaper too, and you may not get as much money from it but the knowledge you will gain will be invaluable.


  1. Stock up

Bigger festivals mean busier stalls, so you probably won’t have much time to take a break and restock, so remember to bring enough supplies and storage.


  1. Transporting to site

Once you know how much stock you need, you need to work out how you will get it on site along with the rest of your festival catering equipment and the items you will require to live there for the next few days.


  1. Dare to be different

There will be many stalls for people to choose from, especially at larger festivals. It might benefit you to have a niche market, rather than trying to please everyone.


  1. Enjoy it!

Although it will be hard work, it will also be rewarding so have fun.