A growing number of music festivals have become fixtures on our calendars in the summer months. However, with more and more competition, organisers are looking for new ways to get events going and keep their popularity high.

The Guardian revealed that a number of festivals in the UK are taking a more niche approach to their lineups, avoiding big names in the hopes of attracting like-minded people who want to discover new music.

Some organisers are going for exclusivity in terms of the number of tickets available and the way you can get hold of them – for example you can only get tickets to Freerotation, which is held in Wales, if you know someone who’s already been.

DJ Craig Richards told the newspaper that he’s disappointed by the number of people who go to festivals to only see part of the lineup. “It’s much more important that we present new artists and new experiences,” he stated.

T in the Park is just one festival that’s looking at changing the way it’s run and altering its lineup, with a view to cutting down on antisocial behaviour. Earlier this year, organisers said they are considering making the festival adult-only after seeing a growing number of teenagers attending the event and getting into trouble.

Speaking to the Guardian, deputy editor of DJ Mag Adam Saville noted that more festivals are also going upmarket. He explained that this helps them appeal to a certain crowd, as well as being a way for them to ensure their longevity.

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