There is growing awareness of the significant environmental impact that plastic pollution is having around the world. Figures from Surfers Against Sewage show that eight million pieces of plastic pollution make their way into our oceans every day.

Some of the most obvious offenders are drinking straws and single-use plastic bottles. These items are so easy to avoid with a little bit of careful planning, we should all be doing our bit to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic.

That means giving people the option of getting water in a different way. If you’re arranging event water delivery, this should be something you’re thinking about.

In Devon, the Refill Initiative is growing and it’s one that the county’s volunteers hope will significantly reduce people’s reliance on bottled water. The idea of the scheme is that businesses advertise the fact that they will refill a reusable water bottle with tap water free of charge.

According to Devon Live, over 20 venues have already signed up as water stations under Refill Devon and more are joining all the time.

Chair of the Uffculme Green Team Della Kennedy commented: “I have been concerned about plastic waste for a long time, and the refill scheme is something really positive that we can do to address it.”

As well as looking out for the Refill Devon sign when you’re out and about in the county, you can also download an app for your mobile phone that will show you where the nearest refill station is located.

If you’re going to an event, it’s still worth taking your own water bottle as you should be able to find a way of accessing water to refill your bottle if you ask.